Our extraordinary talent in quantitative research and engineering, beats the odds and unlocks multipliers that deliver outsized returns across global capital markets



our culture

Why we stand apart

Our values make us who we are, make us strong, make us come together and belong

Challenges are our staple

We love a good challenge, in fact we thrive on it. We are insatiable problem solvers and don’t settle till the puzzle is solved

We don’t beat around the bush

We are direct, clear, concise and pragmatic. Both in our conduct and our code

Culture of Excellence

We are internally driven to be better, constantly improve, continuously learn,  and succeed with integrity

We bet on the underdog

Our underdog mindset helps us commit to the fact that our expectations are ours, and ours-alone. This ensures that we remain focused on our purpose and values other than just the results

This is your happy place

We celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our culture is a reflection of individuality – across race, gender expression, age, religion, worship practices, nationality, and identity

One and one make a petabyte

We are a community of friends and colleagues. We have among us many brilliant minds, but we know that we are more smart together than all by ourselves


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Strong and Still Growing

Peter Carr Gedenkschrift Conference proudly supported by Mathisys Advisors

A prestigious writing festival honouring the memory of Peter Carr. The invited participants, who are experts in their respective areas, will present papers on the mathematical aspects of finance. The selected papers will subsequently be published in a special issue of the Frontiers of Mathematical Finance, brought out by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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