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What is growth? Growth is an outcome (or output), not an input. If FED thinks that they can induce growth by printing money, then GOD help us.

Growth comes from improving efficiency. By coming up with better way of fulfilling our lives. Not by producing more, or consuming more.

America and the western world forgot the value of productive work. Every wants to enhance their lives by fooling somebody else, as opposed to helping somebody else.

The financial crisis of 2008 look distant. We are already seeing the new crisis. There are so many of us whose skill set are proving useless. How many of us are willing to acknowledge that. How many of us are looking beyond the glass and ask, can I do better (as opposed to, why am I stuck?). The group of people in this category will only grow.

My nephew told me that it is looking scary. Indeed it is scary. Who knows if London riots evolve into something sinister. What are we doing about this. 9/11 and follow on events brought down the world to its knees. So, hatred is winning.

What is the answer? Optimism. Sure. I am an optimist. I believe in GOD and creativity of human beings. I guess that is where it stops. We need somebody/something to help us provide growth.

PS: I don’t consider FB, Google, and apple to be those people. There are many reasons why they have their own shortcomings. We need more than that. We need people to take charge in a better way than democracy. We need a superior sBuy growth get Value free.

The best one I heard. If we have growth in America, then it will increase employment, taxes… and it will solve the problems.

So, growth is available in Walmart. Can we buy it?

Solution other than democracy. Can we come up with an alternative?