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That is what Karl Marx believed.

Corollary: Can government create jobs?

For a long time, we have heard that capitalism is the “right” philosophy. Government has no business telling people what to do.

I believe(d) that. Then, why is western world changing? Why is governments trying to create jobs? do they think capitalism failed? Are investors no longer capable of creating jobs?

What is wrong?

What is wrong is, we no longer can endure pain. The western world is too used to getting lifestyle (and resources) as birth right. We even want our survival as a right (no longer, you need to work to survive). Ha!

We are not God (if it exists). We are born to persevere. We are born to learn and achieve freedom by working hard and smart. Nothing is our birth right. Our society provides us the luxury of learning and other freedom and that is why we all have freedom. But that is humanity, not earnt! That is human largesse. That is the only give away we should be reliant upon.

We have to earn the rest.

We create job the hard way. When somebody needs a service, a job can be created. West should leave the capitalism to work and let the jobs be created.

Right now, at least in US, there is a huge overhead of taxes and other entitlements on the job creators that jobs are not being created. (How many of you had spent hours waiting for continental representative to ask simple questions, I would have easily paid some money to be able to do that). Reason: hiring the extra representative is too expensive..

There are needs. There are unemployed. And, that is where the government comes in. Create and enforce rules which provide people certainty in their interactions. The jobs will come.

Current economic meltdow — I am sorry, we (out of imperfection of capitalism) created so many jobs where people are out there to fool others. Their jobs should be eliminated. At least, that is what capitalism is telling. They don’t want to accept that and unfortunately so does their government. Funny thing is that these people are in both main street (people who overstretched), but also on wall street (they seem to have overstretched as well : but, less accepting to coming reality).

Who are the hard working people who can be the answer? I wish I know. I would like to bet on them. But, they are there and will provide us the direction.