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Dollars? Euros? Rupee? Yuan? Gold? Oil?

I am confused. If I have lot of “so called” fiat currency, I find that it depreciates fast. So, should I buy gold? What if some enormous amount of gold comes in production? What if everybody loses faith in gold (remember that unthinkable happened in 2007 – when Lehman went bust and even JPM was not too far behind).

May be silver, oil or electricity?

What is wrong with them?

Let us look at electricity. Why would somebody sell you electricity? They would ,only if, they produce that. And, if you don;t use it when it is produced, then… who pays for it?

You get my point. The value is there only if you use it. It is not an asset.

Is potato/wheat/cotton/natural gas an asset?

Is oil/silver/gold or Michael Jackson’s music library an asset?

You decide! But there are enough people who will profit from your beliefs.

Let us go back to basics to understand. Let us go to the barter system.

Accumulation of wealth should be same as accumulation of resources. Investments should be same as an ability to accumulate wealth.

Wealth is “resources” when you need them. So, you care about the resources you need! And, somebody else is willing to part with them in exchange for what you have to offer at the right time.

Too complicated! Education simplifies it.