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Is QE3 going to be Bourne ultimatum or T3?

You decide what makes sense.

Fed’s mandate is employment and inflation. Long term or short term?

You can go thru the academics of it. In a recession, it appears, printing money means — no risk of inflation (recession means risk of contraction). It can only increase employment…


I suppose, because, we now have the formula. Decades of economics just gave us the formula for fighting deflation and increase employment.

How about centuries old formula — we need to earn our living.

Hmm… Do I see T3 or Bourne Ultimatum

T3 had a formula. Expect the unexpected. Not sure why… Bourne wanted to know why?

Do we want to understand why QE3 will work? Specially, since, people want to keep doing what they were doing (irrespective of the contribution). Answer — Give money to people:Build infrastructure:Keep generating employment…Employees get money and they spend. GDP will grow…

Obama will take care of all of us, because everybody has a birthright to live well.

Why would that work? Whose money are they printing?

May be we will see a prequel with Alan Greenspan (and he will tell us why Ayn Rand told him to let everybody free by borrowing with no consequences… ) and Bourne would interpret her differently…